About Me

This was me during those long, dismal, dark Trump years. From day one of his presidency, I knew we were doomed. I watched CNN all day, barely leaving my house except for work. For the next four years, I ate whatever I could get my hands on, I couldn’t help it, this was Trump’s fault.

Yes, I let myself go. In a fit of rage after one particularly rousing Rachel Maddow episode, I cut off all my hair and didn’t color it. In fact, I refused to do anything with my hair for four long, harrowing years.

In order to lift my spirits after listening to Joy Behar bleat out all of Trump’s atrocities, I went to the tanning center where a girl wearing an American Flag tee shirt locked me in the tanning bed and seemingly forgot about me. When I finally got out, I was shocked and disgusted to see my beautiful though sallow skin had turned the charred shade of a 7-11 hot dog. Now I was overweight, burned, sad, depressed, and could barely look in the mirror.

Every day, I braced myself for the news. With the dedication of a Biblical scholar, I turned on CNN and MSNBC, waiting for the nuggets of truth about Trump to be exposed.

And then Covid happened. Need I say more?

Imagine mine and at least 81 million others’ delight when Biden got into office! I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my meaty shoulders. Finally! Decency was back in the White House!

I began going to the gym and adopted a Keto diet where I only eat fat. My hair had grown out, my skin had lightened up (though I still identify as a Woman of Some Color), and I generally began to feel better.

This is me today. I describe myself as almost a doctor, 7% Native American, Invisible Long Covid Survivor, and Author of the upcoming book, “Is My Fetus Trans?”

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