Pride Month is Coming, Here are some Marginalized Groups to Celebrate

It is essential to recognize and empower marginalized groups in the LGBTQIA2S+ community as we approach a significant month.

Like many others, I was upset to find that Target’s Pride Month clothing did not reflect these groups. Would it be problematic to make something for furries??

These people are equally important but are often excluded from conversations.

Let’s check it out.

To the Shapeshifting Therian Otherkin Furries, you are valid. I see you.

Genderflor Libragender Marginalized Teabaggers, I affirm your gender.

To those who are Half-Time Pikachu Semi-Lesbian Demi-Female Meowstics, you are real.

To the Genderless Polyaromatic Spectrasexual Intersex Goblin Wizards, I celebrate you.

This calendar is a visual reminder of a fraction of the groups celebrated during Pride Month!

We see you and celebrate you.

Collectively, we validate your gender and sexuality and hope you get the recognition you deserve for your bravery.

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