Policing with PRIDE!

It thrilled me to see so many police cars sporting these LGBTQIA2SPBIPOC+ flags and rainbows. Nothing in the world makes me feel more secure than knowing our first responders support Pride.

When I go to the doctor, I have a lengthy questionnaire about the physician’s voting history, political leaning, where they stand on trans rights, preferred pronouns, and where they fall on the gender spectrum.

And when I had to call emergency services a year ago, I asked for a police person of color from a marginalized community to come to my aid, without a gun, then also asked for a trans demi lesbian social worker for backup. This is how we make changes.

I chose a doctor who voted for Joe Biden to treat me in the ER when I suffered from a ruptured ovarian cyst. The nurses were all allies to the LGBTQIA2SPBIPOC+ community as well. Even though I was in the most intense pain of my life, I needed to prove my allyship and allow only those who shared my same views to help me.

With Pride Month upon us, I wanted to show you that many cities around the USA are in expert hands! Check out the Pride Police below.

Pittsburgh pride




Metro Nashville

South Florida

Houston Police

Durham pride!


There is nothing like a Pride police uniform to make me feel more comfortable and secure.

How about a group of enthusiastic Pride supporters? I wish more People of Color were in this photo.

A Black lei-wearing officer lets us know he’s an ally.

NYPD is out and proud!

What about firefighter sharing their Pride flags?

Pride and paramedics just go hand in hand.

Thank you, London!

I’d love to see large departments like the NYPD adopt a more inclusive and friendly uniform like this:

Or even this:

I encourage the first responders to wear clothing that reflects their commitment to Pride during Pride Month and every month of the year.

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