Let’s All Be Gender-Neutral

This realization will profoundly and permanently alter your life. Soon, we will all be the same. Gender neutrality will eliminate the greatest differences among us and we will be seen as one and the same.

I am determined to help create a non-binary society and we have made an excellent beginning.

Let’s take a peek at ways we can go gender-neutral right now.

Haircuts and styles for all genders are in style right now. You can never go wrong with micro-bangs and short hair.

Take these pictures to your next hair appointment and ask for genderless bangs.

An exciting look at genderless clothing! Who says men can’t wear skirts?

Think of how we can swap clothes with our significant other and erase gender and style from what we wear. I predict uniforms in shades of gray and brown for everyone, regardless of age or sex.

Male or female? Doesn’t matter. Everyone should learn how to use a urinal.

Restroom equality for all.

Gone is the old “pink for girls and blue for boys.”

Anyone of any gender can wear these colors. I personally like black, which is technically the absence of color.

If only I had this book when my children were born. I would have raised them all without gender. I will read this now and hoping that I can correct some of my binary wrongs.

All speech should establish neutral language.

Research the different non-binary pronoun options and select the ones that feel the most comfortable. Wear a badge, pin, or sticker to let everyone know your preferred pronouns.

Just some ideas for gender-neutral birth giver names.

Choose a name for your child that won’t limit them to one gender.

Look at the above photo to see how beautiful and simple things could be if we were all the same.

When we are all treated the same, regardless of gender identity, and when we can express our individualities without judgement, then we will have achieved true equality! By erasing their individual qualities and style, people will be on an equal footing in life.

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