Everything You Thought You Knew Was Wrong

I just want to let you know this will be available soon. There is a little more work to do and then it will be available through this site.

It’s a short book of essays that has taken every bit of emotional energy I have. I may need some time off upon its publication.

I will retain the film rights.

In other news…

Forget what you have learned over the last twenty years. You must learn a new way of thinking to survive in the coming years. Let me help.


This is dangerous.

This is a ten-year-old girl looking forward to playing soccer on her All-Girls Team

These are our military warriors, slaying on the battlefield.

This is history.

These are Disney princesses.

These are beautiful women.

This deserves an award.

This is a public school teacher.

This is the most fashionable First Lady in our history.

This is for your health.

This is fine. Obesity is healthy, being fatphobic is punishable.

Bugs are good for you, eat more. Being an entovegan is the new vegetarian..

This is a woman.

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