Classes for Adults Featuring Your Favorite Political Figures

INVESTING 101 With Nancy Pelosi

Learn how Nancy went from a government salary to being one of the wealthiest women n the USA! Use her tips and tricks to double and triple your income using tax loops and barely legal investment techniques.

DNA TESTING with Elizabeth “Running Dog” Warren

Elizabeth Warren, the Native American politician, is a highly sought-after lecturer.

You will become familiar with DNA testing and discover how to use the results to secure a high-paying position at a prestigious Ivy League school.

HOW TO BUY MULTIPLE LAKE HOUSES Presented by Bernie Sanders

In this informative class, Bernie will reveal the secrets to buying multi-million-dollar lake homes using payoffs and bribes. This requires the initial class, Other People’s Money and How to Use It.


In this enjoyable class, you will discover the craft of painting with just your naked body, plastic straws, and acrylic paints. The teacher will explain the significance of allocating the proceeds from your art sales, setting aside 10% for family members. Must be over 18 for legal reasons.

These classes are taught on M,W,F at 7pm in the Learning Center and payment is through Venmo, Cayman Islands funds, or cash.

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