My Flag Is More Inclusive Than Your Flag

Life is confusing, but inclusion doesn’t have to be!

With over 87 genders and sexualities its nearly impossible to keep with the inclusion but with this dizzying, intense, and colorful flag you can announce to the world that you love everyone whether they are a zim, xer, they, zem, shim, or a plain he or she. (Boring!) Show your friends that if they have a shenis or a v-port, you love them!

This beautiful design is called My Flag is More Inclusive Than Your Flag and new merch has just dropped!


You can now show off your commitment to being a woke social justice warrior who embraces everyone with an open heart and an open mind! Be an ally and consider yourself better than everyone else when you slip into a My Flag is Better Than Your Flag shirt.

More designs coming soon.

For my readers, you can use code: JEBRA at checkout for 15% off your order.