Find The Transwoman! Hint, You Can’t

Look at these female athletes. I bet you will never be able to tell who is trans.

It’s a mystery. They are all the same.

My guess is the brunette? I don’t know.

I see three muscular females.

I’m assuming the transwoman is the one in the hat?

Can’t say for sure.

Slay, QUEEN.

It’s just so hard to tell. There are no visual clues from which to draw a conclusion.

As you can see by the photos evidenced above, transwomen ARE women.

Period. End of sentence.

If you identify as a woman and feel like a woman, then you are- it’s that simple.


The above chart is something I stumbled upon and am so nauseated and upset that I cannot look at it for one more second. It shows some ridiculous, arbitrary differences between male and female athletes. It’s so wrong. Ignore it!

Upon reading about inclusion for transwomen athletes, someone had the audacity to suggest an all-trans competition to “level the playing field” so to speak.

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