These Kids Books Are in Danger

Thanks to the state of Florida’s education department, these books are at risk of being banned.

Imagine living in a world where D for Drag Queens isn’t allowed? Makes me SICK.

Here is the complete list of books that are in danger:

Explaining Wypipo by Nixie Bisdark

D is for Drag Queens by Ivana Pickle

We Are All Going to Die: A Book about Climate Change for Kids, Forward by Dr. Greta Thunberg

The Life of George Floyd by Dontarius Stein

Daddy Has a Boyfriend by Charles Lesby, PhD.

Stealing Hearts & Other Things by Whiskey T. Fanning.


I’d love to hear if you have read any of these books.

I highly recommend buying as many copies as you can and keeping a stockpile in case folks in Florida need you to ship them, much like prohibitionists during the 1920s. Imagine a speakeasy with banned books? It’s coming!