We’ve Come So Far!

Imagine, if you will a time like the photo above. A mother, father, and children, all identifying as the gender there were born into.

A mother in a traditional role, the father is the breadwinner. The kids were unaware of the technology to come like ipads and iphones. They had no idea they could identify as the opposite gender.

They probably played outside until it got dark and made treehouses and forts, rode their bikes, and got dirty in the mud. They played ball in yards and got on the ground and played marbles and jacks and let their imaginations run wild.

No one could think of a time when those things would become nearly obsolete.

The mother was likely in the kitchen or doing laundry, caring for her family. She made things like meatloaf and roast, no idea about being vegan. No one knew about climate change or electric cars. She probably couldn’t conceive of such an invention as an Air Fryer or InstaPot.

The father, was at work all day only to come home and pay the bills. On the weekends, I bet he mowed the lawn and worked around the house, forcing the kids to help. Poor kids.

They lived in a house like this:

I know what you’re thinking- GROSS.

We have come so far!

Look at the new family unit:

Two mothers, one of which is trans. All of their adopted children are transgender except the one in the middle who has not figured out them’s gender yet. They all have their own pronouns.

The two moms both work in the social justice sector and they are entovegans meaning they are vegan, but eat insects.

They don’t want their kids outside where it’s too dangerous but that’s okay because the children rather sit inside and play on their electronics.

Their home looks like this:

Take a look at the changes from the 1950’s to now.

Teenagers then and now:

Musicians then and now:

Woman in the 1950s, a woman of today:

Men then and now:

As evidenced by the photos, our society has really evolved.

Women can be men, men can be women, kids can practically be raised by technology and no one needs to go outside.

Everything can be ordered online and delivered to you. And when you do go out, it’s acceptable to roll out of bed in your pajamas right into your electric car and then go to a big box store where you can buy a greeting card and pet food and everything in between. Just yesterday my daughter Charcuterie decided she was a cat so I went to the store to buy her a litterbox and a scratching post.

That would have never happened in the 1950’s. We have neighbors who are birthing parents, chest-feeding their nonbinary infant. Think we could have such a thing back in the 50’s or 60’s? Nope.

This beautiful evolution will only take us to more places we cannot even conceive of right now. I literally can’t wait to see what happens in the next few years!

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