Disney Princesses Will Be Trans and Other Changes

Finally! Disney has listened to us, and they are remaking several movies with TRANS PRINCESSES and DRAG QUEENS. Slay, Disney!

No longer will the females be strictly girls. They will be women+ which means they have something extra. This is exciting for 98% of America, leaving out the 2% of MAGA extremists who hate everything.

In every single film, from Sleeping Beauty (we all agree she was roofied, right?) to Snow White, we will see huge changes including asking for consent before any kissing takes place.

Snow White will be Snow BLACK and instead of 7 Dwarfs, she will live with 7 Ukrainian Little People with disabilities. It’s called inclusion.

Other changes include, but are not limited to:

Mary Poppins as a Drag Queen

Little Merperson, instead of Little Mermaid

Sex Toy Story, updated Toy Story

Zootopia 2 will introduce Zoo Sexuals

Disney will create new characters introducing the World of Drag, transitioning, puberty blockers, and the kid’s film, India Jones and the Case for Bottom Surgery.

Around the World in 80 Days will address climate change with Around The World in an Electric Car featuring a robotic Greta Thunberg

An animated film about Jeffrey Marsh is in pre-development

At this writing, we hear Disney will sell chest binders and tucking tools with beloved characters’ faces on them.

Dr. Chlamydia DeSantis, PhD,
Gender Specialist and Lead Animator

Dr. Chlamydia DeSantis, lead animator, and Disney gender specialist notes, “Disney is very excited to move into this new era. We plan on having transwoman Dylan Mulvaney voice at least fifty percent of all movies made since folx cannot get enough of her. America’s sweetheart, Joy Behar will also voice several characters.

It thrills us to make these changes and update patriarchal, toxic films from years past. We hope to create a movie-going experience that will embrace diversity and inclusion.”