The New, More Woke Top Country Songs of All Time

Country music is pretty bad, I don’t listen to it because it’s a tool of the right-wing patriarchy to keep men shooting guns and women drinking in the kitchen, but steps are being made to be more inclusive.

Things are changing in that industry and we have drag queens to thank!

I wouldn’t know this country singer, Kelsea Ballerini if I fell over her at a wig shop, but here she is performing with drag queens at the CMT Music Awards. This stands for Country Music Transgender Awards.

It’s going to be fun when boring, old songs get a new woke makeover.

Let me know if you recognize these newly revamped hits.

I Wear a Wig by Johnny Cash

American Drag Queen Association by Girth Brooks

I Hope You Tuck by Lee Ann Womack

Twerkin’ After Midnight by Patsy Cline

Man, I Feel Like a TransWoman by Shania Twain

Before He Transitions by Carrie Underwood

If Faeself Had a Boat by Lye Lovett

Save a Horse, Ride a Tranny by Wig and Rich

The biggest tropes in country music are drinking beer and whiskey, living in the South, being in the military, riding both horses and tractors, American flags, farming, line dancing, and watching Fox News.

What a wonderful step forward when those twangy chords will underscore twerking, Pride flags, acceptance, wig selection, choreography, gyrations in elementary schools, heavy makeup and false eyelashes, balancing in thigh-high PVC boots, latex breasts, not to mention tucking, binding and watching Rachel Maddow.

Those are things that most folks can relate to and in my humble opinion, this new direction will bring in hoards of new fans!

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