Five Partnerships for Dylan Mulvaney

In a world filled with male-dominated products and companies (UGH), I speak for all when I say let’s bring some non-binary beauty to traditionally men-centered products and groups.

And who better to represent motor oil than the It-Girl, Dylan Mulvaney!

Seeing this photo, I am inspired to go out and buy Pennzoil. Who isn’t? This is powerful. I’d love to see a mechanic in pink feathers.

Motor oil and transfolks go together like country music and gender neutrality.

US Military! Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable with folx like Dylan on the battlefield?

I know her effervescent personality would bring much-needed joy to soldiers of every gender.

How many times have you wished that Home Depot was trans-friendly? No worries! Dylan is the newest face of the hardware and lumber company.

I look forward to shopping the newest aisles, wink wink.

Who better than Dylan to be the new face of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers? This has long been dominated by males. Look how dirty those men are in their orange coveralls? I want elegance in this field!

She is the new face for Jack Daniels Whiskey bringing to the old, patriarchal beverage a Hello Kitty-esque exuberance to revitalize the brand.

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