Skeletal Remains Are Found, Gender Is Unclear

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of two Roman aristocrats in England recently. The bodies are thought to be over 1000 years old and were found in a lead coffin with flowers carved into the top and along the sides.

A team of archaeologists discovered the remains after a developer cleared the land in order to build a new shopping center.

Dr. Desmond Cloutchester, NonBinary Remains Specialist notes, “These folx got a surprise when they dug up the land. They called in specialists to analyze the remains, knowing they had stumbled upon something special.”

Dr, Desmond Cloutchester, NonBinary Remains Specialist

Continues Dr. Cloutchester, “We got a real surprise having concluded they had dug remains up all remains in previous years. While the bones show the people were smaller in stature with narrow pelvises, we just can’t label it with gender. These could be two men, two women, or what I have surmised is two folks who were gender fluid which was very popular in early times.”

The group of archeologists discovered personal artifacts such as mirrors, pottery, knives, and jewelry.

“This gives us strong indications that the skeletal remains were most like nonbinary folks who didn’t identify as male or female,” notes Dr. Cloutchester.

Through advanced technology, DNA exploration, and carbon dating, Dr. Cloutchester’s team put together a rendering of what the facial structure of the remains looked like, see above.

We will have more information at a later date as the remains will undergo more elaborate testing which may take up to one year.