Don’t Be Fooled by High-Heels DeSantis

Dr. Judy McGrath Forrester-DuPont (fae/fear) Head of Intersectional Politics for Black and Gay Justice (UC Berkeley) issued a dire warning to those thinking of voting for Ron DeSantis.

Dr. Judy McGrath Forrester-DuPont

Don’t be fooled by the high heels worn by Ronald DeSantis. He has chosen this footwear to lull the LGBTQIAZ2S+ group into complacency. He is waiting to unleash a totalitarian regime where heels for men will be forbidden.”

Ron struts around in thigh-high white boots despite blazing Florida temperatures.

“What’s dangerous about this man, “continues Dr. McGrath Forrester-DuPont, “Is that he has legions of fans ready to vote him in as President of the United States. He is planning to take away a woman’s right to wear what she wants. If he has his say, he will force all those identifying as female to dress like the cast of The Handmaiden’s Tale.”

High-Heels DeSantis grabs lunch in heels.

“He will implement all kinds of rules and regulations and before long, we won’t be allowed out of our homes without a man’s permission,” Fae says.

A terrifying picture is beginning to emerge regarding the Florida politician.

Dr. McGrath Forrester-DuPont’s final warning is sobering.

“By choosing to continuously wear footwear with a heel, it’s sending a subconscious message to folx that he is in favor of nonbinary dressing and gender fluidity as a whole. The reality is harsh and troubling. I encourage everyone to wake up before it’s too late.”