Boy Runs Away From Home After Parents Refused to Hire Drag Queen Entertainment

Ten-year-old Evan Gray stormed out of his birthday party when he realized his parents had not hired Drag Queen entertainment.

“It’s not fair!” he was heard screaming as he took off down the street.

Nearly every other child in his fourth-grade class hired Drag Queen entertainment for their birthday parties leaving poor Evan in the minority.

“We didn’t think it was appropriate,” said Evan’s mother, aptly named Karen and mostly likely a MAGA Republican extremist. She did not offer neo-pronouns.

Another parent (fae/faer) commented the festivities were lame without the glitter and glitz of drag queens to liven up the party which included pizza, cake, music, and games.

Fae commented, “Without performers like Spanx Bloom or Balls LaBalls, these things are boring.”

Jaxxynn, Evan’s classmate, wanted everyone to know that drag queen Per Secco would be giving twerk lessons at her party the following weekend. And Amberleighnn, another child at Evan’s party noted, “My parents hired RuPaul’s entire Drag Race to my party.”

A Go-Fund-Me for Evan’s future therapy sessions has been set up, and his pathetic birthday party will no doubt cast a shadow over his entire adulthood.