Learning from Celebrities: Lizzo

I absolutely love nothing more than getting schooled by celebrities. For example, just recently acclaimed vintage flutist and fashion icon, Lizzo had some strong words about trans folks.

She tweeted, “Transphobia is lookin’ real rooted in racism right about now.”

This is so powerful that I had to take the time to let the words sink in.

She neglected to point out the intersectionality of transphobia, racism, climate change, and fatphobia but I will look beyond that.

Apparently, her comment was because the state of Tennessee has restricted drag shows.

Can you imagine children not being allowed to see the scientific gyrations and cosmetic contours of professional drag queens? It’s frankly, preposterous.

This is almost as tragic as not being allowed to say the word GAY in Florida thanks to High-Heels DeSantis.

Houston's Lizzo brings down the house at the 2020 Brit Awards

I think the majority of you agree that drag queens belong in elementary schools and libraries where children can enjoy quality entertainment.

According to Queer Gender Studies expert at UC Berkeley and my friend Zodiac French, PhD, “Drag sends the message of inclusion and acceptance.” Zodiac is so wise!

Ze continues to say, “It opens up a dialogue about drag culture including drug use, smoking, alcohol, sexual depravity, and sexual innuendo, all very important for the development of a well-rounded child’s emotional intelligence.”

I asked zim how young is too young for a drag show and ze laughed. “There are no age restrictions. Toddlers especially love the makeup and the glitter!”

I feel like Lizzo would agree that it’s vital to children’s development to smash socially constructed ideas of gender and sexuality. From infancy on, we must address key issues such as homophobia, racism transphobia, and misogyny, and what better way to do that than by being an active patron of the drag community?

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