Hours of Fun for Kids!

My younger kids are having hours of fun playing with these John Fetterman paper dolls.

They’ve complained a bit about the lack of clothing diversity but have enjoyed them by using their imaginations and re-enacting John Fetterman’s speeches.

Every paper-doll book comes with:

Basketball shorts


Another Hoodie

More basketball shorts

Puffy jacket

One short-sleeved button-down shirt

Black sneakers

Removable neck lump (not shown)

From the same company comes the Zelensky paper-doll, mildly more thrilling since it comes with American dollar bills and a wallet.

This kit contains:

A sweatshirt

A tee shirt



Short shorts


High heels

Dollar bills

Removable dollar sign necklace

My children were not thrilled that everything was olive green, but I had to point out we are in the middle of a war and leaders must wear one color and that color is olive green with occasional khaki.

We are hoping to track down Joe Biden paper-dolls but those seem to be sold out!

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