The Many Changing Faces of Joe Biden

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see Joe Biden’s changing looks!

This is how every serial killer in the 70s styled their hair. No worries, Joe is certainly not on any Most-Wanted Lists, as far as we know.

This is one of the earliest photos of Politician Joe taken in 1972.

Moving through the years into 1987, thinning hair and what looks to be veneers on his teeth. Note the earlobes, they will change.

Joe and young Hunter after Joe survives an aneurysm. Not a ton of changes. Ears are attached. Who knew Hunter had such curls?

This photo is from 1992, he has a crooked smile and dark, thinning hair. Earlobes look more unattached. Do ears change throughout the years?

In this comparison, his ears are different, free-hanging versus attached. But maybe it was just a facelift or perhaps an ear lift.

This looks like the face of someone who has aged somewhat naturally. Eye bags, jowls, and thinning hair, all normal aging.

The current day Joe looks lifted, smooth, and polished with fluffy white hair.

Side by side comparison from when he was VP to President. Is this natural aging or has Joe undergone a series of plastic surgery operations to maintain a youthful appearance?

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