The People Have Spoken: Look Forward to This Film Coming Soon!

In an overwhelming request for more LGBTQ+ films, the makers behind The Lord of the Rings franchises plan on remaking the films with all characters identifying as different genders and various sexualities.

Staring with Gollum, his Days of Girlhood transgender journey will take viewers on a ride of experimental discovery as Gollum gets in touch with his long-dormant femininity.

Says the film’s writer, “We know viewers will be thrilled by Gollum finally addressing they’s sexual side and gender identity which until now, has been questioned. Gollum will go on a twenty-eight-day emotional adventure culminating in menstruation which we believe audiences of all ages will love.”

I for one, cannot wait!

How do you feel about this remake?

Gollum: Days of Girlhood is expected to hit theaters in Winter, 2023.