NEW Food Pyramid

The Biden administration has revised its suggested Food Pyramid in an effort to de-stigmatize “fat” and “plus-sized” persons while simultaneously promoting the consumption of high-fat foods that contribute to weight gain.

A Biden spokeswoman emphasized the significance of everyone being the same size. To fight the widespread fat phobia afflicting the world, we are urging all Americans to embrace high-fat meals.

“Meat consumption is terrible for the world and the environment, which is why we don’t include meats or poultry in our new pyramid,” the speaker continues.

Research indicates a steady diet of butter, ice cream, french fries, bread, and donuts plus a small serving of fruit for fiber will help everyone achieve longevity. This type of diet will also help with sleep.

The oils and grease have proven to lubricate the digestive system eliminating stomach disorders like IBS and constipation.

Children attending public school will be encouraged to take the food pyramid home to caregivers and implement the guide.