What If We Weren’t Paying Attention?

A terrible, crushing thought just popped into my head. After discussing it at length with Literaleigh and Charcuterie, my daughters, we decided it was time to ask the question,

What if the candy had personalities all along and we just weren’t listening?

The green M&M, so brazen and sexy, so daring and charismatic, completely overpowered all of the other sweets, and now it is time to see how they are doing. They being the other, forgotten candies on the shelves.

The happy-go-lucky giant lollipop, out there hoping someone picks him.

The M&Ms aren’t the only ones with sex appeal! This trans chocolate peanut butter treat is smooth and sweet.

Who knows what’s under that wrapper?

The humble chocolate bar, nothing flashy, nothing crazy. Just dependable taste and a satisfying end to urges and cravings.

I certainly hope that we start assigning physical characteristics and personalities to all things.

This is the way forward. I’d like to further this idea by considering how fruit identifies.