What’s Upsetting/Triggering Me This Week

Where do I even begin?

Is it the fact that someone held the door open for me and called me “Ma’am” or the TRUMP 2024 bumper sticker I saw in Los Angeles? It could also be the fact that a person assumed my age, gender, and skin color on social media.

I sent my son Ginsburg to school with tampons, just in case, and this is how he came home:

I had to lie down for an hour and do my transgender and racially inclusive chants to calm my heart rate. His dedication to Donald Trump is upsetting on its own merit and now he makes fun of tampons? I CAN’T. I wish I had a Victorian fainting couch because I’d be on it at least ten times a day.

Logging on to Twitter this morning, I saw quite the fanfare over the M&Ms putting a halt to their candy personalities. Growing up, there was a rumor that eating green M&Ms made you horny.

Capitalizing on that abhorrent rumor, the folks over at the candy company made her into a smoldering sex pot.

Take a look:

If you have any other emotion besides indignant disdain, please go read the studies proving this particular candy is to blame for many of today’s societal ills.

She should have looked like this all along:

Why don’t companies reach out to me?

And lastly, I just decided that the Pink Floyd rainbow is offensive.

Was this created to pay homage to the LGBTQ2SU+ group? If not then it must be removed at once.

And do we even need to discuss Harry Potter? Once again, author JK Rowling is in the news, trending for what I can only imagine is some kind of transphobic tweet or comment about there only being two genders.

I have created a large bonfire to burn every Harry Potter book I can find, plus a Daniel Radcliffe poster I found randomly at a store in 2007.

I am also feeling quite triggered by the song Natural Woman, as my friends have told me how hurtful this song is to them as transfolks. There will be a petition launched to remove this from Spotify immediately.


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