How The Unvaccinated Nearly Took My Brother’s Life

Once upon a time, my brother was a happy and healthy male who enjoyed outdoor activities and a successful academic career

Unfortunately, his wife is an anti-vaxxer who didn’t believe in double or triple masking and was worried about getting a new vaccine that she thought was untested and possibly unsafe. Though I explained how this shot was safe, effective, and could save lives per Dr. Fauci, she ignored my reasoning.

“Jessica,” I told her sternly, “You must care about other people and get vaccinated and boosted as much as legally possible so folx don’t call you a grandma killer. Think of the kids.”

But she ignored me.

The next thing we know, my poor brother was exposed to Covid, possibly at a sporting event, and now he sits in treatment, fighting for his life. Jessica insists germs and viruses circulate and no one is to blame, but we know the truth don’t we? It’s the fault of the unvaccinated.

She was probably a carrier.

If only she had gotten the vaccine.

Damn you, Jessica.

This is a reenactment of his situation, as he is famous in academia and we are concerned about our safety.

Now my brother is receiving round-the-clock care and we are nervous about him suffering Long, Fat, Asymptomatic Covid (LFAC) as a result of Jessica’s carelessness. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was harboring latent germs from a Trump rally she attended last year.

Please refer to this as a cautionary tale and be careful out there.

Make sure you listen to people like Dr. Fauci and the head of Pfizer, whose only goal in this life is to ensure the safety and health of others. And as our fearless leader, Joe Biden says, “Get vaccinated or else you will die in the winter of severe illness and death.”