Dear Doctor Jebra…

I get asked this question a lot:

Dear Doctor Jebra,

How did you manage to avoid Covid and stay healthy for the past several years?

I am happy to answer this question with my exact protocol and share with you how I managed to avoid germs. I did get Covid a few times, but I am still alive so the vaccines worked.

Let’s start with these photos of the tools in my arsenal.

As you can see, I used many protective masks and at times, a full biohazard suit. Not shown are the anti-bacterial booties I wore.

To begin with, I wore a simple mask when Covid was first mentioned. I rarely took it off, only to eat and brush my teeth. I encouraged my children to do the same. We then graduated to more protective, full face masks.

Each night, we watched the death count on CNN and I stressed the importance of masking, gloves, and hand and body sanitizer to my four children. It was clear we were going to die if we didn’t closely adhere to Dr. Fauci’s wise advice.

If I had to go grocery shopping, I maintained a strict 6-7 foot distance between myself and others, often berating those who got in my space bubble. Were people trying to kill me?

Naturally, I followed the proper signs on the floor and kept a tape measure close to prove to others they were standing within the danger zone. I had my kids do the same in school and I wrote many an email to the district imploring them to follow my own guidelines with included full face masks, ear covers, eye covers, gloves, and individual air purifiers. I tried to donate an isolation chamber for unvaccinated children but the district declined even after I pointed out all dead folks would be their fault.

When anyone came in from outside, they were immediately sent into the decontamination chamber that I had custom-made.

When I had to go to work, I wore a biohazard suit.

I bought extra Lysol, bleach, and Clorox wipes, and thoroughly cleansed and sanitized anything brought in from outside. There were strict instructions for delivery people to leave packages nine feet outside my front door in a drop zone. After wiping items with bleach, I then set them in the decontamination chamber.

I created a modified iron lung for my family to sleep in. The above pic is simply a photo of an unrenovated iron long.

We jokingly called Covid, “NOvid” because we were all determined not to get it. What really helped was sitting my four children down in front of CNN and listening to Rachel Maddow.

When the vaccines came out, I was first in line! I was also first in line for the second dose as well as the boosters. I got as many were legally permittable. When I travel to Europe for business, I got an Asta Zeneca shot.

I did NOT want to get sick and I didn’t want the burden of making other people sick. I was strict about masking up in the car, outside, in the house, and anywhere there were people. Imagine not masking up outside? Covid droplets can be suspended in the air for at least twenty-four hours.

We only went places where proof of vaccination was needed to enter, imagine being with unvaccinated people? NO THANKS! Not in a pandemic or ever.

I had a copy of my vaccination card blown up and printed on tee shirts so I could signal to everyone that I was fully vaxxed, boosted, then vaxxed and boosted again.

Yes, I lost sight in one eye, and currently have a swollen heart and a couple of prolapsed organs but it would have been worse without the vaccine (s). I also had three near-death experiences but I am convinced it’s because I came in contact with an unvaccinated person.

I test for Covid daily, if not multiple times a day.

I also test the kids and make them go into the decon chamber, especially now they are back in school. Everyone knows that germ-infested air can quickly travel up the nasal passages so we all do nasal rinses. Their temperatures are taken upon rising returning home from school, and before bed.

When going to someone’s house, I had a list of required actions to keep everyone safe which included:

Full face mask

Individual air purifiers

Ear covers



Rapid Covid Tests

Proof of Vaccinations

Hair sample to be analyzed at a later date

Hourly temperature checks

Five minutes in the decontamination chamber, followed by time in the isolation chamber

Retest for Covid

Change of clothes into fresh hospital-grade disposable scrubs.

Biohazard bins around the house.

Closely adhering to these rules for nearly three years is how I and my children managed to stay safe during the pandemic.

I have typed up brochures and sent them to friends, co-workers, and family members so they can learn how best to avoid Covid during this uncertain time.

Something slightly controversial is the St. Fauci candles I have scattered throughout the house which we light each night, praying to the good doctor, and those doctors who have come before, to keep us safe.

I have gotten Covid three times during the pandemic, but I am grateful to be vaccinated and boosted. I think my protocol has saved the lives of many.

You’re welcome.