Top Holiday Gifts for the Liberal in Your Life

I wanted to feature some of the most popular gifts I’ve seen in holiday guides this season.

Though I and my children- Literaleigh, Tymothee, Ginsburg, and Charcturie celebrate a modified Kwanzaa holiday, I still like to remind folx of the beautiful and thoughtful gifts available. It’s always nice to go beyond the tired socks, underwear, and electronics presents white people are so fond of giving.

Here are just a handful of my favorites.

There is nothing better than a hot bath and a scented Dr. Fauci candle that smells like a fresh Pfizer Covid vaccine booster. Envelope yourself in thoughts of the man who saved humanity through his life-saving lockdowns.

A Bernie Sanders prayer candle will give you peace to pray for money, specifically that other people’s money will find its way to you.

I can think of no other than the Angel of Benghazi to top any Christmas tree.

Bill and Hillary deserve a spot on anyone’s tree! Their beautiful smiles and generous spirits warm my soul all year.

The best President of our lifetimes if Joe Biden. With over 81+ million votes, this man will go down in history as the most popular president in US history. Enjoy a Joe Biden-scented candle that smells like $8 a gallon gasoline and inflation.

Klaus Schwab has made it his mission to save humanity through a strict diet of bugs and scarcity. All the chefs in your life will enjoy Cooking With Klaus, 101 Insect Recipes You Will Cook and Be Happy About Eating. Little known fact, Klaus trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

Tired of endless games of Uno? Try this fun board game called Will You Be Fired From Twitter? Make your way around the board moving forward and backward based on your choices. Always remember to #StayWoke and bring a bagged lunch!

Doomsday sayer and stolen childhood victim, Greta Thunberg’s book, The Climate Book is sure to scare anyone into submission. With a hot planet and rising sea levels, we are all sure to die soon. This book is an uplifting read for those who are actively trying to shrink their carbon footprint.

Every home needs at least one Ruth Bader Ginsburg doll watching over you, judging your every move and decision. I only wish she talked!

The Tesla PhoneX is coming out soon and you can pre-order this now for delivery via SpaceX on December 24. It comes preloaded with Elon Musk’s favorite apps.