Be The First to Preview Elon’s NEW Tesla Phone X

Rumors are swirling about Elon Musk creating his own smartphone. If the Twitter app is removed from companies like Apple or Android, he may follow through with the threat to create one. I have insider information alerting me to the fact the Tesla PhoneX is already in production.

Will it really happen though?

Unfortunately, with completely free and unrestricted speech allowed and even encouraged over on Twitter, we can no longer exist in a soft, glorious echo chamber where we are free to call out bigots, racists, and other harmful groups which threaten democracy every day by daring to dissent.

Now you can say whatever you want, whenever you want. Republican, independent, or libertarian points of view are speaking out as if they have megaphones. With no helpful censorship or threat of being permanently suspended, folks are talking about there not being a climate emergency, voter fraud, and other awful topics with zero regulation. Imagine a place where you can freely speak and express opinions, even if it falls under the umbrella of Wrong Think. That’s Elon Musk’s Twitter.

I am grinding my teeth as I write this, terrified of living in a world where not everyone goes along with the accepted point of view, i.e. liberal and democrat.

Back to the Tesla PhoneX.

It comes preloaded with the following apps which you may not delete or the phone explodes.


The Boring Company

More Tesla information

A link to Catturd on Twitter, one of Elon’s best friends.


Medical Information

A link to the Earth’s core

Elon’s email

Even more Tesla information


Space Force


As a bonus, you will be able to contact Mars, send and receive messages as if you are on Mars, and participate in a virtual reality where you can drive a Tesla on Mars.

Through inventive, crystal, wireless technology, you can download your brainwaves and personal thoughts onto the phone’s operating system and turn yourself into a robot for your most boring and repetitive tasks while your conscious mind takes a nap and refreshes.

This new phone will be available in later 2023, and currently, there is a waiting list.