For Inclusivity, Remake These Movies Immediately

Hollywood, if you’re listening, I am imploring you to remake films where white men were cast in lead roles. Its time that these cisgender toxically masculine men (except Robin Williams and part-time lesbian Tom Cruise), were cast. Get rid of the notion that folx want to see white men in lead roles. No one does.

I purpose the following, and am readily available for casting and film consults.

Comedy icon, Kathy Griffin in the title role of Tootsie. She’s one of the only actresses in Hollywood who could flawlessly pull this off.

Legendary across Wanda Sykes as Indiana Jones. Listening to her strong voice as Indiana Jones will delight audiences.

I can think of no other strong female than Whoopie Goldberg to take over the lead in the Top Gun franchise. Make it happen.

Only someone who doesn’t follow Leslie Jones extraordinary talent would deny her the lead role in a Mrs. Doubtfire remake.

Last but certain not least is Elliot Page as 007 James Bond. To keep up with climate change, the plot should feature James actively reducing his carbon footprint.

I have experience working as an analyst for production company so I am open to consulting on these projects and more. I speak for everyone when I say we look forward to diverse roles in films in the coming years.