What Is Happening At Twitter?

I was extraordinarily overwrought when I read this Tweet yesterday. In fact, I’m still digesting the cruelty.

This gentleman Tom, I think he’s male- I don’t see pronouns, is talking about Elon Musk no longer providing workers with a free lunch.

As he points out with a keen observation, people will probably die. I didn’t think things could get much worse after the company laid off such key positions as Body Language of Queerness Specialist and Taylor Swiftologist but here we are.

If the above news isn’t demoralizing enough, there is a virus of pain making its way around the Twitter offices where people were vomiting because of Elon’s takeover. Imagine one minute you’re chatting with the Selfie Coach talking about ring lights, and the next you’re grabbing the nearest trash can because Elon has entered the building and your stomach cannot contain its contents. It’s too much to bear.

They had invited me to give a speech about Erasing Whiteness but I don’t think I can handle an environment where lunch isn’t provided and people are vomiting everywhere.