A List of Jobs Cut at Twitter

Thanks to Elon Musk taking over Twitter and letting just anyone buy a verification, things are going downhill quickly. Besides the $8 verification free-for-all, many people like my friend Girtha Lytle, above, have lost their jobs.

Essential workers have been mercilessly chopped and the company is vulnerable and understaffed.

I’m not sure how the company will survive without the following:

Climate Change Negotiator

Kombucha Brewer

Multi Gender Analyst

Intersectional, Standpoint, and Queer Theorist

Lesbian Arabic Culture Historian

Body Language of Queerness Specialist

Diversity Psychologist

Lesbian Poet

Trans Leadership Ambassador

Erasing Whiteness Educator

Queer Discontentment Therapist

Feminist Philosopher

Taylor Swiftologist

Selfie Coach

Jay Z and Kanye West Psychoanalysis Committee

These are just examples of the many jobs erased from the company, initiated by Elon Musk to save a few dollars.

Without these important roles, it’s only a matter of time before Twitter crumbles like the Myspace of yesteryear.