We Are Blessed to Have Joe Biden

I’ve seen many people online complain about Joe Biden. They say he appears weak, confused, and unsure of himself. But did you know Joe has been in politics longer than most of us have been alive?

It’s true. He began his career in the Civil War. See the colorized photograph above.

Using quick thinking and his famous intelligence, he helped others survive the sinking of the Titanic.

He saved multiple platoons from enemy fire during World War II.

He marched alongside Martin Luther King Jr. in the 60s.

Joe advised popular President Jimmy Carter on foreign and domestic affairs.

Years after becoming friends with Jimmy, along with his wife Dr. Jill, he created puppets of Jimmy and his wife. It’s true, Joe is an excellent sewer. He also dabbles in taxidermy.

Hillary Clinton knows all about his great sense of humor. Joe is a practical joker who often pretends to stumble, stutter, and act confused.

Though he frequently falls, we can give him a break since he has literally been through so much in his life.

Despite an extremely long, long career in politics, he can still lead the United States and insiders say he is playing 5-D chess and is often ten steps ahead.

And every time he falls, which is frequent, the American people and perhaps the world, realize how blessed we are to have such an incredible leader.

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Target Launches NEW Clothing Line

If you love Target, and who doesnt, this new line of clothing by a Queer Allosexual, pangender, furry, otherkin, homofluid artist is sure to inspire you.

I think every American with any taste or style is going to love the new clothing line that is launching soon.

If your goal is to be stylish, exude confidence,and be the envy of friends, this is for you.

Sam Brinton, an ex-member of the Biden Administration was a huge fan of this line of the clothing.

Also in the Biden admin is Dr. Demetre Daskalakis who is a fan of the line of leather bondage gear.

Sexy satanic harness top fits most sizes and offers a buckle closure.

Scott Wiener, member of the California State Senate, loves the line of leather ties available in both adult and kid sizes.

This three-piece outfit can be worn in or out of the kitchen.

This is ideal for any upcoming Pride Parades or a casual work day.

With warmer temperatures, this suit is versatile with cooling vents in the front and back.

Most items are available in childrens sizes but this black, leather trimmed sleeping bag is strictly for kids.

If you are religious, you will want to get this church outfit, inspired by nuns.


The inclusive and woke brands like Target are going to enjoy seeng their sales skyrocket with Pride Month starting tomorrow. Be sure to reach out to your local store and let them know you want to see more edgy fashions, especially for kids.

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Pride Month is Coming, Here are some Marginalized Groups to Celebrate

It is essential to recognize and empower marginalized groups in the LGBTQIA2S+ community as we approach a significant month.

Like many others, I was upset to find that Target’s Pride Month clothing did not reflect these groups. Would it be problematic to make something for furries??

These people are equally important but are often excluded from conversations.

Let’s check it out.

To the Shapeshifting Therian Otherkin Furries, you are valid. I see you.

Genderflor Libragender Marginalized Teabaggers, I affirm your gender.

To those who are Half-Time Pikachu Semi-Lesbian Demi-Female Meowstics, you are real.

To the Genderless Polyaromatic Spectrasexual Intersex Goblin Wizards, I celebrate you.

This calendar is a visual reminder of a fraction of the groups celebrated during Pride Month!

We see you and celebrate you.

Collectively, we validate your gender and sexuality and hope you get the recognition you deserve for your bravery.

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The Incredible BudLight TransWomen Commerical from the 1990s

Looks like BudLight was ahead of its time with this commercial!

Long before Dylan Mulvaney was talking about the beer, this was playing on televisions across America. As Americans, we have always celebrated diversity in beer drinking.

And let’s not forget about Ladies Night. https://youtu.be/mJGjwqWqObU

And I often wonder whatever happened to Spuds MacKenzie, the poor dog who was so grossly fetishized in those 1980’s advertisements?

What could be next for BudLight?

The Most Beautiful Classic Paintings, Updated

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous model than Ali C. Lopez? This vision literally belongs in every classic art painting ever created.

Take a look.

Mona Lisa? Ha. This is the modern-day version of that famous painting.

Not everyone can be dropped into a painting with swords and immediately improve it.

American Gothic? No. American Icon.

It’s obvious they are looking at a vision of the sea.

This painting would be perfect for a bedroom. With soft tones and calming imagery, it belongs over a bed.

There is nothing like a toga party with a goddess.

Recently, I stumbled upon a photo of Ali C. Lopez, a transgender model, and blogger with 200,000 followers on TikTok, and was instantly captivated by her raw beauty.

I’m sure I am not alone in admiring her body positivity and wanted to see how classic art paintings would look with a fresh take.

Which one is your favorite?

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Policing with PRIDE!

It thrilled me to see so many police cars sporting these LGBTQIA2SPBIPOC+ flags and rainbows. Nothing in the world makes me feel more secure than knowing our first responders support Pride.

When I go to the doctor, I have a lengthy questionnaire about the physician’s voting history, political leaning, where they stand on trans rights, preferred pronouns, and where they fall on the gender spectrum.

And when I had to call emergency services a year ago, I asked for a police person of color from a marginalized community to come to my aid, without a gun, then also asked for a trans demi lesbian social worker for backup. This is how we make changes.

I chose a doctor who voted for Joe Biden to treat me in the ER when I suffered from a ruptured ovarian cyst. The nurses were all allies to the LGBTQIA2SPBIPOC+ community as well. Even though I was in the most intense pain of my life, I needed to prove my allyship and allow only those who shared my same views to help me.

With Pride Month upon us, I wanted to show you that many cities around the USA are in expert hands! Check out the Pride Police below.

Pittsburgh pride




Metro Nashville

South Florida

Houston Police

Durham pride!


There is nothing like a Pride police uniform to make me feel more comfortable and secure.

How about a group of enthusiastic Pride supporters? I wish more People of Color were in this photo.

A Black lei-wearing officer lets us know he’s an ally.

NYPD is out and proud!

What about firefighter sharing their Pride flags?

Pride and paramedics just go hand in hand.

Thank you, London!

I’d love to see large departments like the NYPD adopt a more inclusive and friendly uniform like this:

Or even this:

I encourage the first responders to wear clothing that reflects their commitment to Pride during Pride Month and every month of the year.

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Assume Everyone is Trans

I typically make this assumption, but seeing it from the University of Colorado affirmed and validated my theory that two out of every four people are transgender, one is gay and typically the fourth is a closed semi-lesbian who also identifies as genderfluid.

This is simply the facts.

When meeting anyone new, you should always assume they have preferred pronouns. I recently met an obese demi-boy who went by fae/faer pronouns. I am now in the habit of asking for pronouns before I even ask for someone’s name.

To keep track of every person’s personal, preferred neo-pronouns, I keep an Excel sheet on hand at all times. It looks like this:

Every night, I update my list. It includes everyone from the genderfluid human who makes my lattes to the cashier at Trader Joe’s, to the person I see walking them’s dog each morning. My children’s teachers, friends, random acquaintances etc.

“It is never safe to assume someone’s gender and living a life where people will naturally assume the correct pronouns for you is a privilege that not everyone experiences,” the guide says.

This college is so progressive that they offer cross-sex hormone therapy, voice training, and surgical sex changes, besides “all-gender” restrooms and locker rooms, where male and female students shower in the same facilities.

I want to move in there myself!

The school recommends learning pronouns such as “ze” and “hir,” and gives directions on how to pronounce them.

I’d like to add a list of common pronouns I’ve seen and heard.

Failure to use a person’s preferred personal pronouns is most times, considered an act of violence as I have mentioned in a previous post.

I look forward to attending the 2023 Neo Pronoun Bootcamp to become thoroughly educated.

How do you maintain a firm grasp on everyone’s changing identity and neopronoun usage?

Let’s All Be Gender-Neutral

This realization will profoundly and permanently alter your life. Soon, we will all be the same. Gender neutrality will eliminate the greatest differences among us and we will be seen as one and the same.

I am determined to help create a non-binary society and we have made an excellent beginning.

Let’s take a peek at ways we can go gender-neutral right now.

Haircuts and styles for all genders are in style right now. You can never go wrong with micro-bangs and short hair.

Take these pictures to your next hair appointment and ask for genderless bangs.

An exciting look at genderless clothing! Who says men can’t wear skirts?

Think of how we can swap clothes with our significant other and erase gender and style from what we wear. I predict uniforms in shades of gray and brown for everyone, regardless of age or sex.

Male or female? Doesn’t matter. Everyone should learn how to use a urinal.

Restroom equality for all.

Gone is the old “pink for girls and blue for boys.”

Anyone of any gender can wear these colors. I personally like black, which is technically the absence of color.

If only I had this book when my children were born. I would have raised them all without gender. I will read this now and hoping that I can correct some of my binary wrongs.

All speech should establish neutral language.

Research the different non-binary pronoun options and select the ones that feel the most comfortable. Wear a badge, pin, or sticker to let everyone know your preferred pronouns.

Just some ideas for gender-neutral birth giver names.

Choose a name for your child that won’t limit them to one gender.

Look at the above photo to see how beautiful and simple things could be if we were all the same.

When we are all treated the same, regardless of gender identity, and when we can express our individualities without judgement, then we will have achieved true equality! By erasing their individual qualities and style, people will be on an equal footing in life.

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US Military Is FIERCE! Slay kweens!

Russian Army. Look at all of those wypipo.

Chinese military. Ugh. Looking so masculine.

Israeli military looks so alpha, masculine, and drab in that olive green.

Here is a military group from Africa. Why the serious faces?

United States Military! Joy, and inclusion with a dash of diversity and fun!

These are the kweens that will SLAY the enemy.

Which military do you prefer? I love the direction that the US is going with our defense.

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Everything You Thought You Knew Was Wrong

I just want to let you know this will be available soon. There is a little more work to do and then it will be available through this site.

It’s a short book of essays that has taken every bit of emotional energy I have. I may need some time off upon its publication.

I will retain the film rights.

In other news…

Forget what you have learned over the last twenty years. You must learn a new way of thinking to survive in the coming years. Let me help.


This is dangerous.

This is a ten-year-old girl looking forward to playing soccer on her All-Girls Team

These are our military warriors, slaying on the battlefield.

This is history.

These are Disney princesses.

These are beautiful women.

This deserves an award.

This is a public school teacher.

This is the most fashionable First Lady in our history.

This is for your health.

This is fine. Obesity is healthy, being fatphobic is punishable.

Bugs are good for you, eat more. Being an entovegan is the new vegetarian..

This is a woman.

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